Every child who comes to CACDC to tell their story of abuse is qualified to receive therapy from our dedicated team of therapists and masters-level clinical interns.

View this video published through the Children’s Advocacy Center of Texas (CACTX) to learn more about TF-CBT.

Through weekly sessions and regular communication, the therapist builds a healthy relationship with the child and family. They work with the child to overcome challenges, build a positive self-image, develop boundaries and build healthy relationships.


Individual and group therapy is offered for both children and their non-offending family members. Because younger children may not yet have the language for talk therapy, play therapy is a specialized service that we offer our youngest clients. Play therapy allows children the opportunity to work through emotions and heal in the most efficient, effective and child-focused manner available. All of these services are offered to families in both English and Spanish.


Everyone’s experience in therapy is different, so there is no time frame for our services—individuals can stay in our program as long as it takes, and they are always welcome to come back if they feel the need. Once a child finishes therapy at CACDC, they get to place their hand on our tree of healing. This tree symbolizes the growth they have made and their journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Families are never charged for therapy at CACDC.