What is a Forensic Interview?

The Advocacy Center’s forensic interview team provides children a safe, friendly environment to tell their story of abuse. We assist law enforcement and the Department of Family Protective Services by conducting specialized, fact-finding interviews. Through this process we gather details of abuse in a neutral, age-appropriate and trauma-informed manner; we coordinate with all involved investigators so that they are able to observe the interview, and the child can be interviewed as few times as possible.


When a report of abuse is made, local law enforcement or DFPS make an appointment at the Center for the child. When the child and his or her non-offending family members arrive, they have a private waiting area. Family Advocates meet with the family/guardians to go over the process of the Advocacy Center and what help they can receive. Following the interview, investigators meet with the adult family members to discuss the next steps and ensure the child’s safety.