Children’s Advocacy Center for Denton County provides free educational training programs for Denton and Wise Counties virtually! These classes help adults recognize the signs of child abuse and neglect, and aid in the prevention, recognition, and responsible reaction to possible abuse situations, as well as teaching effective methods to talk with children about personal and online safety.

The Advocacy Center also believes that parents are the primary educators of their children and respect the wide range of beliefs on how to best educate them. The Advocacy Center partners with community schools to provide sexual abuse safety and body safety education, including the Happy Bear Play for K-2nd grades, Think First Stay Safe for 3-6 grades and Internet Safety for 7-12th grades. These programs are free of charge and include a Parent Training. Parent Workshops are also offered to meet the needs presented.

According to d2l.org,
For every adult trained, 10 children will be better protected from child abuse.