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The COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive and unnerving. What health experts are not talking about: children at risk of abuse while schools are out. They will be with caregivers who are physically or sexually abusive. They will be left with people who a loving parent thinks is a safe person, but is not.

There is something you can do about this! NOW is your chance to take some control over the current situation and make an impact in the lives of children.

Your donation doubles thanks to a matching gift challenge. So far we have raised $165,398 towards our $175,000 target! That’s 95% of the total!

These critical funds are needed now more than ever to help serve an increasing number of children.

This agency is mandated by the Texas Family Code to provide these essential services, and you can ensure victims receive the care they need.

Make a one-time donation or set up a monthly recurring gift to help sustain us all year. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible.

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