Mission Accomplished!

Today is the day!

Two years after breaking ground on the Lewisville expansion, we are pleased to announce that the new building is complete.

Today, we will begin offering the full array of wrap-around services to child abuse victims and their families at this newly-completed space.

Thousands of children are sexually or severely physically abused in Denton County each year and we project that number will only increase as our population continues to grow. The support of the community to fund this capital project ensures that we can continue provide education, healing, and justice to child abuse victims, their families, and our community.

This expanded building doubles the space for direct services to meet increased demand. It is an exciting time for the Advocacy Center as we open the doors to a building where children will discover they are not invisible or damaged; they will discover they are seen and heard, and will be whole.

Fast Facts:

This new space has…

  • Double the direct service space
  • Double the number of forensic intervciew rooms
  • 14 dedicated therapy rooms, with 10 flexible spaces that can also be used for therapy in the evenings
  • Flexible working spaces for the Multidiscplinary Team members assigned to investigate, examine, or prosecture child abuse cases
  • A new playground in a large, private courtyard
  • A significantly expanded parking lot with a new entrance drive and safety lighting
  • A large waiting room for therapy clients

The new forensic interview hallway where children will bravely share their story of abuse features larger rooms and sound-dampening technology.

This office is just one of several flexible working spaces for law enforcement partners to use.

This office provides working space for the District Attorney’s Office staff members.

The newly expanded Rainbow Room provides emergency supplies such as groceries, toiletries, and clothing to families in crisis.

The new therapy rooms provide safe spaces for Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for victims of child abuse and their non-offending caregivers.

This is one of the new therapy rooms dedicated to teens! This space allows for flexibility in treatment and support group sessions when appropriate.

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