Education for Adults

Children’s Advocacy Center for Denton County empowers child abuse victims, their families, and our community through education, healing, and justice. As part of our mission, we offer multiple education opportunities to child-serving organizations and community members. Sign up for one of our free programs today! Contact Yamuna Teter at or 972-538-9615 to schedule or for more information.

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse – 1 to 1.5 hours

This training is designed for all staff and volunteers who work with children, including Texas educators, pre-schools, daycares, church staff, PTA’s and mandated reporters. Participants learn how to identify the signs of all types of child abuse, learn steps for making a report and gain an understanding of Texas State Law concerning the responsibility to report suspected abuse. 1.00 Continuing Education Credit Hour


Como Reconocer y Reportar el Abuso Hacia Menores 1 to 1.5 hours

This curriculum option offers culturally relevant content and information for Spanish speaking audiences on recognizing and reporting child abuse including special circumstances and concerns unique to this population. Similar to our English-version Recognizing & Reporting, this curriculum targets organizations seeking training for professionals working with children on a daily or regular basis, in addition to volunteers, parents, and other community members or individuals.


Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children – 2 hours

This evidence-based training offers expert advice and practical guidance about how to prevent child sexual abuse. Participants will hear from professionals and survivors to learn a five-step strategy to respond to sexual abuse.2.00 Continuing Education Credit Hours


Keeping Children Safe in the Real and Virtual World – 1 hour

This class is designed to be a holistic approach to educating parents on child safety and child abuse prevention. This program helps parents and interested community members understand the realities of child abuse, empower them with the language and tools needed to talk with children about personal safety and explain the types of policies that should be in place in any child-serving organization.


Internet Safety – 1 hour

CACDC partners with local child abuse detectives to present up-to-date trends in social media. Parents and community members will gain tools for speaking with children about potential dangers of social media and how to stay safe online.


Lunch & Learns

Let us come to you! Does your company have an opportunity for us to come to speak about CACDC and how to keep kids safe in our community? Schedule a Lunch & Learn with Yamuna Teter, Education Specialist, at Remember, education is the key to prevention!