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Danielle’s Story

Danielle took her daughters to see Santa Claus last year at Stonebriar. When it was her oldest daughter Bella’s turn, Santa asked her what she wanted for Christmas. “A night light” was her answer. Santa laughed, and so did Danielle, but she was puzzled. Why would Bella ask for a night light when she had been talking about a Barbie Dream House for weeks? She chalked it up to kids saying silly things.

Unfortunately, her daughter had a reason for asking for the night light. Bella was being abused at night by her stepfather, and she thought a night light would help keep her safe. Danielle’s daughters were not safe in their own home, and she had no idea.

Danielle and her daughters need your help. They need help not just with paying bills, but with coping with this betrayal. She didn’t realize it at the time, but shame and fear were ruling her daughter’s life. Bella’s attention in school was elsewhere, worrying about things no little girl should ever have to worry about. She got behind in reading, and didn’t want to play with her usual friend group. She still has nightmares.

You can help Danielle and her family cope with this trauma. Your support means Danielle’s family and families just like hers can get back to their lives.

“I had no idea this could happen to my family. I feel so ashamed and lost. Just getting through the day can be hard.”
– Danielle